Psychiatric Evaluation

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Psychiatric Evaluation

A psychiatric evaluation provides the information needed to understand your challenges, diagnose the cause of your symptoms, and develop a personalized mental health treatment plan. The caring team at Psychiatry of Atlanta, Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia, have years of experience completing psychiatric evaluations for children, teens, and adults facing emotional and behavioral challenges. Call the office or use online booking to learn more about psychiatric evaluations or schedule an appointment.

Psychiatric Evaluation Q & A

What is a psychiatric evaluation?

A psychiatric evaluation is a detailed assessment of your emotional, behavioral, social, and physical health. Sometimes a psychiatric evaluation may also include cognitive testing to identify problems with brain functions like memory and attention.

Your psychiatric evaluation gives your Psychiatry of Atlanta, Inc. provider the information they need to identify the cause of your symptoms, diagnose psychological disorders, and determine the treatment you need to overcome your unique mental health needs.

When would I need a psychiatric evaluation?

Instead of wondering if you might need a psychiatric evaluation, consider whether you could use the support of a compassionate mental health provider at Psychiatry of Atlanta, Inc.

You may need to schedule a consultation if you struggle with thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that are negative, upsetting, or change your ability to work and socialize. 

For example, you may feel depressed, have overwhelming anxiety, struggle to control anger, or find it impossible to make friends, to name a few challenges that benefit from mental health care.

During your initial consultation, your provider simply talks with you and learns about your concerns. At that point, they may recommend a psychiatric evaluation if needed.

What should I expect during a psychiatric evaluation?

Your Psychiatry of Atlanta, Inc. provider may ask you to complete a questionnaire about your behaviors and emotions. Beyond completing simple forms, a psychiatric evaluation is primarily a conversation with your provider.

They learn about your medical history and discuss your symptoms and current concerns. They ask questions to get important details about your symptoms, like when they occur and their impact on your life. Your provider also explores social, occupational, and lifestyle issues you may face and their impact on your mental and physical health.

Psychiatric evaluations for children are similar, except your provider speaks with you and your child. Your provider may speak with your child alone with your permission and if age appropriate. They may also ask permission to send questionnaires to teachers, care providers, and other family members familiar with your child’s behavioral challenges.

Psychiatric evaluations don’t typically include standardized psychological testing. However, your provider may recommend additional testing, depending on your assessment results.

If you have questions about psychiatric evaluations or need to schedule an appointment, call Psychiatry of Atlanta, Inc. or book an appointment online today.